Be In Proximity

After school, it’s completely pointless for me to ask my innie daughter, “What did you do at school?”  Or for a trick, “Who did you sit with at lunch?”  It just does not work.

“I don’t know.”

So, all last week I decided to make a change.  I consciously left her alone.  I just gave her a snack and we didn’t talk.  Several hours later, I asked her a few questions about her day.  And low and behold.  I actually go answers!!

Even better, sometimes my little innie just started talking about school.  How else would I know that her friend has a strange looking belly button?

My new rules for after school (for myself.)

1.  Shut up.

2.  Wait to ask any questions- if at all.

3.  Be in close proximity to her so she can talk when she’s ready.

4.  Consider waiting longer.  (so hard!)

Big life lesson:  It’s not about you, dummy!  Parent your child in her way, not yours.

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