Introverts Know Themselves

Even when my innie was little, she knew her body.

“Mom, I have to throw up,” she would say calmly and walk to the toilet.  At two!  Just last week, she did the same thing.  She is so in touch with her body sensations.

It happens with food, too.  She is the only child I have ever seen that will stop after half of a cookie.  “I’m full.  I think I’ll save the rest for another time.”  ???  Seriously!?  The rest of the world, me included, usually keep eating — if it tastes good, who cares if we’re full?

Unlike her sister, I just watched my other daughter, the three year old, eating her slice of cake at a birthday party.  When I looked again, she had eaten her neighbors slices, too!  (Good supervision, mom.)  Sorry, kids – watch out for the sugar fiend three year old!   –They were at a disadvantage being only one.  I got them more cake and escorted my daughter from the table.  Not really listening to her body, is she . . .

Back to my point. . . Books about introverts say that introverts are exceptionally aware of their bodies.  Also, introverts are healthier eaters than their extroverts.

Sometimes I need to remember that there many positive traits of an introvert – this is one of them.

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2 Comments on “Introverts Know Themselves”

  1. doneker Says:

    i found this blog very interesting…i’m an “innie” is that what you called it? LOL! but i too am VERY in tune with my body, did the same things your daughter does (half cookie, and i’m going to throw up in about 4mins mom) hmmmm… me thinking, thanks mel!

  2. kathleen Says:

    Ok, one more…my daughter doesn’t eat desserts in general either. Some she likes but most are too rich or sweet for her liking. She will refuse them, or she will have one bite and stop. I never really realized it until her 5th birthday party when she had a bite of birthday cake and refused the rest…the cake I spent 5 hours decorating of course. Oh well…it’s a learning process.

    She will over eat mac and cheese. I’ve seen her polish off an entire pot herself. But it’s the rare exception she allows herself.

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