School isn’t always fun for an introvert

Think about an introvert who prefers quiet to noise, working alone to groups, and need to think longer than her peers.

Schools can be loud, crowded, overstimulating and encourage quick responses.  When could an introvert be alone at school, even for a few minutes?   Now imagine when called upon, if your introvert takes more than two seconds, he or she will be passed over – will the teacher assume that he or she does not know the answer?  What teacher waits long enough for an introvert to answer?  Or better yet, prepares the introvert ahead of time for the question and returns to that child later for the answer?

I think of the loud, crowded lunch room and cringe.  I hated it myself as a child.  Not introvert friendly!

School culture benefits extroverts.  Most teachers never consider the needs of an introverted child.  We need to advocate for our children’s needs so they don’t hate school.

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