After School CRASH!

“I don’t like this snack.  There’s nothing to do,” my introverted daughter whined when she came home from school.

“Why don’t you clean the house?”I joked.


“Really?  Great, how about you do the floors?”(Wow, this was working out great!)Recharging with Reading

So, we looked for the hardwood floor mop but couldn’t find it.  (My husband had taken it to our rental property.)

She stomped upstairs, crying loudly. “I want to clean, and now there is nothing I can clean that I want to clean.”

I could hear her sobbing from downstairs in the kitchen.  Soon, I followed her upstairs to her room.   She was in bed, covers pulled up, crying and crying and crying.

I climbed up to her bed, the top bunk. My arm snuck around her back and I let her cry without saying anything.  My four year old, climbed up too. We were all sitting on the various mounds of stuffed animals and dolls that covered her bed.  The four year old grabbed  a bear and started singing, “happy, happy, happy.”

“Mom, I’m trying to make her happy , see?”

I smile.  Her sister just grunts.

It must have been five minutes before her crying stopped.  Her eyes were ringed red.  We laid in bed playing with her collection of stuffed animals.   After a few minutes, she suggested we all get books and read together.

“Great idea,” I agreed and we headed down the ladder to pick out our books.

But the meltdowns are happening more frequently.  Obviously, it has nothing to do with cleaning, and everything to do with exhaustion and frustration.

For an introvert, I can’t imagine how overstimulated she is during school – especially in her classroom of total chaos.   She can be social and interactive at school but when it’s too much, her system crashes and needs rebooting.

After we all read for awhile, she seemed peaceful and calm.  System back online.  She just needed some quiet time to recharge.

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2 Comments on “After School CRASH!”

  1. Torrie Says:

    Boy, can i identify with this. Our oldest always needs “unwind time” after school. Yesterday we went rollerskating and after 45 minutes she was completely agitated with all the people, flashing lights, loud music, plus she was inconveniently hungry. All the makings for a total meltdown!

  2. Jamie Says:

    I had been living alone before last November for the first (and possibly the only time in my life) so I always had plenty of down time… Now, living with my boyfriend, I need to consciously have alone time to recharge.

    I LOVE your blog! I can relate in so many ways.

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