and now for something completely different . . .

busy babyCuddling.  It’s a totally new phenomena for my (now) 7 year old.

When she was a baby, she refused to be carried – HATED the baby carrier, HATED being held.  And forget about rocking the kid to sleep – it wasn’t happening.  The one time she fell asleep in Jeff’s arms we knew she must be deathly ill – and she was.

But, just recently, her personal space has expanded to include bedtime cuddling!

The first night she said, “Mom, can you sleep with me?” I assumed it was a fluke – a one time random event.  But, no.  She’s wanting this every night.

Now I’m not a big fan of enabling sleep – particularly when I have things I’m looking forward to doing sans children.  But when she said last night, “Mom, I just love to cuddle with you at night,” how could I refuse?

I climbed up to her top bunk, over all the stuffed animals and snuggled next to her.  She told me all about the movie she’d watched at school – some crazy guy who liked holding poisonous snakes and frogs.  Then, she fell asleep.  And I laid there for awhile just smiling in the dark.

Even with a million things to do – I’m going lie down with her and cuddle whenever she wants.  I’ve got some years to make up for!

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One Comment on “and now for something completely different . . .”

  1. Jamie Says:

    My Mom and Dad used to come into my room and lay with me while I talked about my day ~ and some of those memories are the best. Good for you to make the decision to ‘make up’ for all those years 🙂

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