So much in her observant mind

My introverted daughter astonishes me.  She observes and notices the details of life – most of which, I miss.

A few weeks ago, she attended church service with me.  Sometimes she’s not up for Sunday school.  I get that.

Yesterday, we were reading something about the Last Supper in our devotional.  She said to me, “Remember when the pastor said that women had to cover their heads?”


“Remember, the pastor said that the women had to keep their hair covered.”

Oh, yeah.  I do vaguely remember that.  He was preaching on the significance of Mary using her hair to rub oil onto Jesus’ feet.   She was listening?  I’m not sure I was even listening that closely.

Yes.  And she remembered it.  For weeks.

This kid stores information like a computer.   I can think of so many examples where I rely on her – a seven year old – to help me remember people’s names.  She never forgets.  She remembers places we’ve been to once and can tell me how to get there.    Even when she was little, three and four.

“Mom, remember daddy had a show there?” she said to me as we passed a DPS middle school one year after one of my husband’s events.  I took her with me to drop off the programs.  Amazing.

What a gift to be so observant.  I can learn a lot from her!

“Mom, you really have a bad memory,” she told me.

“I know, baby.  I’m working to improve that about myself. ”

I’m so glad she’s gifted in so many unique ways.   She’s my memory role model.

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