She said “I love you”!!

“I love you, too,” my daughter shouts, pulling open the front door.

“What?” I ask.  “Did you just say I love you?”

She smiles, “Yes.”  Then, she’s off to the bus stop.  The door slams behind her.

My world slows down.  I take a big breath:  inhale, exhale.

She finally said it.  After seven years of waiting.

“I love you, too.”


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3 Comments on “She said “I love you”!!”

  1. Charlaine Says:

    :). I know how good that was.

  2. meltay Says:

    Thanks for commenting – I haven’t been posting b/c I’m struggling w/ how much to reveal about what’s going on with her.  My neighbors read the blog and some things are sensitive.  We’ve been going to cognitive therapy and addressing some of her anxiety issues which have resulted in OCD like rituals. The therapy and lots of love and attention are helping.  I just can’t post about it.

    I’m sending you hugs because I’ve been there and it’s not easy.  You’re a great mom!

    Melissa 303-564-7980

  3. Megumi............. Says:

    YAY! Lucky you! I’m so glad she FINALLy said that to you~ Keep trying, she’ll soon realize what you want her to do, and how much you love her. May God bless you~

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