Fear of . . . a flood

The rains are torrential today.   Looking out our window on the second floor, we notice the stream behind our house has doubled in size and velocity.

“Mom, what if it floods?” was the first question my daughter asked.

“It won’t flood because it’s down between two hills.”j0395964

“Mom, what if it doesn’t stay down?  What will happen?”

I put her to bed.  “Mommy, I want mommy,” she said in baby talk.

So, I stayed.  But every time I untangled myself from under her head, she woke up.  “Don’t go, mommy.”

What was going on?

Finally, I asked.  “Are you afraid?”


“Do you want to talk about it?”


“Are you worried about the rain?”

She nodded and buried her head in the covers.

I stayed and stayed and stayed.  And prayed for her to find peace in sleep.  She has fears.  I just don’t want them to become too big.  I want her to win the fight with those fears.

I worry.  And she fears.

What a pair.

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3 Comments on “Fear of . . . a flood”

  1. Karen Says:

    My little girl has a fear of water, of any kind, getting “to the top” as she says. She saw Curious George when he flooded the bathroom and the whole house and from then on, going on 3 yrs, she has been afraid. She is afraid of the shower, the tub, toilet, dishwasher, clothes washer, and now rain(as it has been raining for several days) overflowing or flooding the house. She asked me to call Jesus and ask him to stop the rain. I was trying to find some way to ease her fears and happened upon your problem. My little girl is now 5 and no matter what I tell her she is still afraid. I have asked several mom’s and they tell me they don’t know because their children weren’t like that. I am going to keep looking, maybe I will find something that works. Hope you do to.

  2. I’m so sorry your daughter and you are going through the fears! I just bought Helping Your Anxious Child by Ronald Rapee, Ann Wignall, Susan Spence, Vanessa Cobham, & Heidi Lyneham – all PH.D.s. It is a step by step guide for parents. You’ve motivated me to read it – I’ll let you know what I think.

    I’ve found that her fears have changed over the years – and am grateful that she’s telling me about them more than before. She has “stomach aches” with anything new – school for months – field trip to the zoo. I don’t doubt that her stomach hurts but I think it hurts because of her fears. Once we can figure out how to support her, it helps or goes away. That’s the hard part – how to help her get through.

    Hang in there. You are a great mom who cares!

  3. Megumi............. Says:

    Yeah! Since i am a kid my self, I know how it feels. I was scared of the rain too. I thought the rain always fell on me, only me.
    I’m sure your aughter will get over it. Just tell her that the rain is God’s tears(as if in happy tears). I bet that will do everything good.

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