something about swimming?

42-16694812My innie is a tall, long legged athlete who excels in coordination and balance.  She learns new skills quickly and easily.

Take for example riding a bike — she easily learned to ride without training wheels at the young age of 4.

Throwing a ball.  Frisbee.  Gymnastics.  All came easily.

And then there was swimming.

Is it the water?  Is it a different kind of body motion? I’ve accepted that she’s not a strong swimmer, nor does she have the desire.  I’ll let her learn at her own pace.

But when I see the other 7 year olds playing sharks and minnow without her, I feel sad.  It’s not that she wasn’t invited.  She was.  She just doesn’t feel confident in the deep end.

What is it about water?

I’m hypothesizing that it’s another fear.  Another something.  It’s just different for her and I don’t get it.

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2 Comments on “something about swimming?”

  1. creativecardboardconcepts Says:

    with mine, swimming came naturally, at age 4. bike riding is another story: he’s 8 and still terrified of falling. when we took off his training wheels this year, he’s pretty much refused to ride ever since.

    i imagine a wise aunt telling me that they’ll learn to do all of these things in time. But I don’t have a wise aunt. 🙂

  2. molly Says:

    one thing i noticed in your list is that sharks and minnows is a group thing and the others are individual or partner activities. as an innie myself, i find it a lot more comfortable to do partnered or individual games/sports rather than the group stuff. you have to pull out the extroverted side of yourself to yell and make big movements and do multiple things at once. frisbee and gymnastics take more concentration or focus, something an innie easily adapts to. hope this helps!

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