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Summer growth

July 13, 2009


I watch my daughter assume command of the pancakes.  She stirs the batter, she pours the liquid on the hot griddle and she waits.

Flip.  Flip.  Flip.

She already  makes better scrambled eggs than I do – she doesn’t get distracted by email and cleaning the floor.  Her eggs turn out fluffy.  Mine usually have a crispy bottom from forgetting to stir and wait with patience.  They’re not very appetizing scrambled eggs, that’s one thing.

My daughter finds success in the kitchen.   I watch her work quietly.  She will be proud and tell me later how good she is at cooking.

She is good.  I’m proud. too.

I see a different kid today. . . Today she is fearless and confident.

I never want to stop seeing her.  I never want to fix her in my mind from yesterday, last month, or last year.  I must always remember to look again.

I know we are fluid beings who grow and shift.  So are our kids.