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The world loves an extrovert

February 22, 2010

Seriously, the world loves an extrovert.  An extroverted child participates in activities, makes conversation, listens with eye contact, answers questions in class, likes new adventures.

An introvert is . . .  well, totally different.

What does the world think of that?  What do I think of that?

An introvert . . .

doesn’t answer when someone asks a questions.  Or not right away anyway.

might not make eye contact.

isn’t a big fan of new things like field trips and different desk assignments and surprise outings.  (AT ALL!  My therapist says not to keep being surprised by this — Duh, it’s her temperament, get use to it already.)

wants to stay at home.

doesn’t sing along in preschool with the rest of the group maybe.

might not feel comfortable answering questions in class if it’s a whole group activity.

So, I ask, does the world think less of this introverted child?


We are shallow, uneducated, extroverted-loving people who don’t understand introverts.  And, I don’t know how to change the world or even my own community to make people understand.  .

I can’t explain (although I try) why my daughter might not answer right away, or look at you, or smile and give you a hug.  Should I have to?  If I don’t, do you think I’m encouraging my child to be rude to you?

We all love an extrovert.  But, do we love the introvert, too?