About Melissa Taylor, freelance writer and mom

I have an introverted daughter.   My daughter challenges me to really understand who she is, let alone parent for HER, not ME.

I’m not using my children’s names to protect their privacy and to appease grandma who worries about crazy stalker people.  🙂

About me – I’m married with two kids.  I taught school for 10 years and was a teacher trainer for several of those.  I miss teaching, but not the fatigue that goes with it!

Now, I’m freelance writing part-time  for local and national magazines – clips are posted on my writing website at http://www.melissatayloronline.com.  and starting my business, Imagination Soup.  http://imaginationsoup.net.  Imagination Soup is both a blog for parents with fun and easy learning ideas and writing classes for kids in the south Denver area.

If this blog speaks to you and your life, please leave me comments.  Thanks for stopping by!


4 Comments on “About Melissa Taylor, freelance writer and mom”

  1. Brigitte Brodski Says:

    We love your life too!
    You’re such a good role model to your girls and friend to the rest of us!
    Lookind fwd to reading more of your writings 🙂

  2. cynthia bjork Says:

    your site is beautiful
    full of light & clarity
    down to earth
    aligned with goodness
    centered in God
    and so like you
    –much love & gratitude
    for your insights
    and observations
    such gifts. and always
    given with generosity of heart

  3. Lori Says:

    Thank you Melissa,
    I enjoyed your blog.


  4. Carina Says:

    Hi Maria,
    Just read your beutiful and touching stories. I too have an introverted child, a son who is 9. He’s been my biggest challenge but also my biggest life lesson and i wish for every parent to get to experince a child who feels and thinks as deeply as him. He makes me questions things i otherwise would possible ignore, appreciate things in a new way and feel more in the moment…

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