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Chauncey Billiups, basketball and something new

April 16, 2009

chauncey-and-melissa-close-upI’ve realized (yes, I’m a slow learner) after many years of knowing my introverted daughter that she has to be sufficiently prepared for ALL new experiences.  Basketball was no exception.

First, in October, she joined the first grade girls basketball team.  She learned the basics of the game– albeit somewhat begrudgingly.  “Do I have to go?  I don’t want to, ” she said every week.

When I got an interview with Chauncey Billiups,  I told her all about the Nuggets and Chauncey.  “Would you ever want to go see him play in a game?” I asked.


After the interview, I showed her the picture I took with Chauncey.  She seemed interested, sort of.  “Oh,”  she said.  But,  I overheard her telling her friends, “My mom knows Chauncey Billiups!”

Still, Little Miss didn’t want to go to a Nuggets game.

Dad began the next strategy by watching Nuggets games on tv with her.  — I’m convinced that the excitement to stay up late motivated her more than the games themselves.  Soon, she asked to watch the games every night! (Again, still motivated to stay up late!?)

When I got tickets for a REAL Nuggets game., I wasn’t sure she was ready.

“Yes, I want to go!  When!  Yea!  I’m going to buy a Billiups jersey for me and a Nene jersey for my sister,” she informed me while  jumping up and down.

She actually did get a jersey (Billiups, of course) and wore it during the game, after the game, and during all Nuggets games on tv.

All it took was a little lot of  preparation.

Yesterday, we got out the ski map for Loveland . . .

Wearin' the #7 Jersey!

Wearin' the #7 Jersey!