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Summer growth

July 13, 2009


I watch my daughter assume command of the pancakes.  She stirs the batter, she pours the liquid on the hot griddle and she waits.

Flip.  Flip.  Flip.

She already  makes better scrambled eggs than I do – she doesn’t get distracted by email and cleaning the floor.  Her eggs turn out fluffy.  Mine usually have a crispy bottom from forgetting to stir and wait with patience.  They’re not very appetizing scrambled eggs, that’s one thing.

My daughter finds success in the kitchen.   I watch her work quietly.  She will be proud and tell me later how good she is at cooking.

She is good.  I’m proud. too.

I see a different kid today. . . Today she is fearless and confident.

I never want to stop seeing her.  I never want to fix her in my mind from yesterday, last month, or last year.  I must always remember to look again.

I know we are fluid beings who grow and shift.  So are our kids.


We’re trying worry dolls and Silly Billy book

June 21, 2009


I found the Silly Billy picture book on accident at the library.  Or maybe there are no accidents.

Silly Billy’s grandma helps him with his fears by giving him some Worry Dolls.  They help.  He does worry that he’s given too many worries to his dolls so he makes them worry dolls o their own.

Here are both links if you’re like me and need the book and the dolls for your worried child.  I hope they help us all!

Worry Dolls Link

Silly Billy picture book

Do you think I need Visine?

May 11, 2009

Here’s the picture my daughter drew of me for Mother’s Day.

annika picture of mom cropped

We loved the derby

May 5, 2009
The Jammer

The Jammer

I took my 7 year old to roller derby last weekend.  She LOVED it.  And, hey?  What’s not to love!?

It helped that her school friend’s mom rolls as “Green Venom” –not to mention, that my daughter got to sit with her friend all night.  It also helped that the half time show was some crazy BMX bikers doing flips and tricks.


But, really, it’s just good knocking around family fun . . . on four wheels . . . with some strong, female athletes making a bit of contact.  (No fist fights like hockey.)  What’s a little pushing and blocking to win?  I like the female empowerment.  Roller derby girls rock and my daughter loved it!

So did I.


First school lunch EVER

April 27, 2009

Healthy Lunch BoxIt’s the end of April, and my first grader tried school lunch today.   I let her try.  I hoped she wouldn’t like it.

Why?  Packing is less expensive and more nutritious.  Plus, I can see what she ate by what she brings home.

Back to the first school lunch . . .   She loved it.

First off,  it was the coolest day of days to get school lunch.  Today, two Littleton police officers served the kids lunch.  How about that for fun?

“Mom, they were cracking everybody up in line.  And the policeman said that me, Cooper and Dillan were his biggest fans.”

Apparently, one officer gave out trays while the other, bread.

“What did you eat?” I asked.


“You like nuggets now?”

“Yes, mom,” she sighed.   “And, I got chocolate milk.”

“So, do you always have policemen there?”  I asked, confused.

“No, this was the first time I saw them.”

Overall, a very exciting first time buying school lunch.  Darn.  I wonder how this will turn out . . .

Remember When?

January 24, 2009
Life before kids

Life before Kids

Freelance Writer Mom

My introverted daughter’s personal space

January 24, 2009

My oldest daughter never liked being held.  No, I never rocked her to sleep.  She screamed non-stop in the Baby Bjorn.  I thought it was my fault.  Then I had a second daughter, who was completely the opposite.

Personal space.  It’s been a big issue for my child ever since Day 1.  And it’s hard for me because I want to hug and kiss her all the time.  And she hates it!  A  hug from her is floppy armed, eyes down, “mom” groaning production.  Me forcing her.  So much fun.

“Mom, I hated it when the kids tickled me on the bus,” she told me yesterday.  Then, “I had so much fun playing with my friends today.”  I think that captures her perfectly.  She’s perfectly social, but just doesn’t like to be close.  I have to remember it, keep telling myself that she loves me.   It’s not the demonstrative love.   Personal space.  Don’t touch.  I’m trying, kiddo.