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The fun, the terror of a birthday party

March 29, 2009

Last week, my seven year old “innie” insisted I stay at the bowling party with her.   She felt nervous all day.   “Mom, I don’t want to bowl.  Do I have to?”

“No, honey.  You can watch.”

“Will they make me bowl?  I don’t want to, I just want to watch.”

“I said that’s fine.  I even emailed ahead to tell her you wanted to watch.”

Wanting to watch didn’t surprise me.  The ice skating party for another friend consisted of two hours of watching.  Not even close to the rink or a skate.  Just watching from a near by table.

Back to the bowling party.  She watched.  I watched.  I really didn’t want to stay.  Finally, after about 45 minutes, I asked if I could leave for a quick errand and come back.  “Yes, that’s okay,” she replied with decision.  Feeling confident she would be fine, I power walked out of there to the grocery store.

When I returned, the birthday girls mom ran up to me.  “Guess what!  She bowled!  She asked me if she could have a turn.  And she was dancing around.  And she’s really good!  I even got video!  I’ll send it to you next week.”

What?  I could be surprised, and I was a bit.  However, with my introvert, I know that she will do things when she’s ready.  The skating party, she needed more observation time.  The bowling party, she only needed one hour of observing and then she felt comfortable participating.

She smiled, her feet hopping up and down, crazy dancing.  She loved, loved, loved bowling!  On her own terms of course . . . “Can we go again tomorrow?”