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First Grade Girls Book Club

April 23, 2009

I totally missed my daughter’s book club last week.  I thought I could do it all  . . . HA.

I talked just a few minutes too long, didn’t factor in traffic, and got to the mother/daughter book club just as it ended.  Not getting mom of the year — again.  I felt so bad.  All because I wanted to network with an editor, just a few more minutes.

How many times have I told her, “Just a few more minutes, honey?”  When do I just stop my work for her?  How do I balance my priorities?

I never thought it would be this hard!



One day at the bus stop, my neighbor and I came up with the idea of a book club for our kids.  Wouldn’t that be fun we thought.

Who to invite? All the first grade girls in the neighborhood.

How often?  Every month.

Where? We take turns hosting and picking out a book.

Little did we know that we had fifteen first grade girls in the neighborhood.  Or how much fun it would be – for us!  And them.

First, the hosts facilitates a discussion of the book.  Favorite parts.  Funny parts.  The usual.

Then, the kids run around like wild banshees while pausing for a snack here and there.  We grown ups, get to catch up, and have our own conversations without the interruptions of our children.

Win-Win =

Win:  Kids are reading and enjoying books.

Win:  Moms are connecting and having fun with other adults.

(Except when they’re late and completely miss the whole event.)