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Camping . . . inside

March 9, 2009
indoor roasting - it works!

indoor roasting - it works!

Who says you can’t winter camp with kids?  My husband needed a camping fix last week.   So, he and the girls planned a night of camping right in our basement.   The tent got nixed early on because it didn’t fit in the room.  Apparently, someone named Melissa didn’t read the dimensions carefully when she bought a new “family tent” – and it should say “for a  family of ten with two dogs, a cat and a small hippo.”

Sorry, I digress.

The girls made a river (blue tablecloth), boulders (pillows and balloons), bushes (rolled up stuff) and leaves (actual leaves and paper ones).  They spread out our sleeping bags, headlamps, backpacks and books.  They were ready at about mid afternoon.  “Can’t we start now?”


Camping Out

Camping In

So with our extra time, I turned snack time into “make your own granola” extravaganza.  Bowls of granola, raisins, nuts, pretzels, and dark chocolate m&ms became the “granola bar.”   Yummy.  Yes, I did have to limit the scoops of m&ms to ONE — with exceptions made for adults when the kids weren’t looking.

Finally,  we ate hot dogs by our campfire (an old candle I found.)  For the grand food finale, we found the perfect sticks outside (-a benefit of not raking regularly!) and roasted marshmallows for s’mores.

Remembering our good old camp days, we tried to sing Kum By Ya but the girls just wanted to snuggle in.  Lights out and headlamps on.  Time to giggle, wriggle and listen to the loud, crunchy sounds of sleeping bags.   Good-night.

Family fun in the great indoors . . .

. . .  until my four year old started throwing up.   But that’s another post for another day . . .