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Types and Introverts

January 25, 2009

I’m learning all about introverts – it’s a big part of the Myers-Briggs type test so MB resources are helpful.  Nurture By Nature by Tieger and What Type am I? by Renee Baron were good reads to remind myself of my own type – INFJ.   We laughed so hard one night reading my description and then my husband, Jeff’s (ENFP).  Good parlor game, I highly recommend it.  (Obviously we need to get out of the house more if this if fun to us . . . )

Types for kids are difficult to determine until about age 7 say the MB researchers.  However,  I can see the introvert part in my daughter – she’s six.

Type Tales by Diane Farris is a children’s fiction book about types in children.  The subtitle, “Understanding & Celebrating Diversity Through Type.”  I haven’t made it through the book but I applaud the author’s efforts to expand our thinking about personalities.