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She doesn’t love to read

August 13, 2009


I find it irritating, ironic and down-right unjust that my own daughter does not love reading. After all, I “know” literacy and since birth have done the following things which I’ll list for edification purposes. (Take notes but be warned–does not work for all children; in particular, my eldest daughter.) And, p.s. aren’t introverts suppose to love books?

* read to her daily A LOT of books and 3 books at bedtime

* take regular trips to the library and check out as many books as we can carry, read them all in no particular order

* model reading my own books and make time for reading during the day

* have excessive amounts of books at various reading levels and on various topics – seriously, it’s excessive

* reward with books

* got her a special reading headlamp for bed-time reading

* limit television — none during the school week and only limited on Saturdays

* listen to books on tape in the car, for quiet time, and just for fun

Okay, you get the point. A+B=C, right? If only.

(I will mention that since birth, she’s never loved, loved, loved books like my other child.  In fact, I use to read mostly at meal time because it was the only time I could get her to sit still for the length of a story.)

Here are my demands desires.

  • I want her to grab a book and read until she’s called to dinner.
  • I want her to talk about what she’s reading as if it were real.
  • I want her to look to books for information she wants to learn.
  • I want an epiphany.

She is only seven.  It will click one day, right?


She prefers to read . . . I’m so proud

February 6, 2009

This morning at the bus stop, my six year old sat down on the ground, and pulled out a book from her backpack.   She read until the bus arrived.  Her friend, wanting to play,  looked puzzled.  Her friends mom looked awe-struck.  “Look,” she pointed.  “Yes, I know,” I replied – as if I knew she’d be doing that all along.  “Can you believe it?”

I have dreamed of this moment.  To me, her choosing a book over playing, is huge.  SHE IS A READER!!!!  SHE LOVES HER BOOK!!!!!

I don’t want her to stop, so I say nothing.  Smile and nod.  Act cool.  Don’t freak out and try to hug her while crying hysterically about the wonders of losing oneself in a story and lifelong learning and . . . oh, I could go on.  No.  Smile and nod.  Act cool.

I am happy.  I am ecstatic.  SHE’S A READER!!!!